The inner journey

A dreamlike world tour

Inspired by her own story, Jen Haas offers a one hour show interpreted by the artists of the Paris Talents collective.

Songo tells the dream of a young girl, who will evolve during her dreamlike journey, through the influence of the different characters she will meet and the various feelings felt.

Through the different performances on offer that make up this show, you will travel around the world and discover many cultures!

This show is intended for all audiences and adapts to your location and programming. Each 8min act can be presented independently of the rest of the show;

More information on performance and pricing conditions on request. Team departing from Paris and available internationally.

Visualized and directed by Jen Haas

Video | Shots: Pierre-François Ducroq and his team (Phil, Kamilia and Tommy) Editing and calibration: Dee Fozz

Photos | by Bertrand Orsal and Pascal Brizard

Sponsored by the Caméléon brand and the Avant Scène makeup school

With the Paris Talents collective

Technical team

Make-up artists: Laure Jean, Marie Françon, Jill Bouma Painters on body: Alexandra Berthomé, Sandya beauté, Lydie Moroy | Special effects: Emilie Boury | Hair and Wigs: Barbara Wildenstein | Special effects: Emilie Boury | Costumes: Julie Le pallec | Video animation: David Fréchou | Sound & light: Loic Evenement

Artistic team

Principal dancer: Pauline Viard | Dancers and acrobats: Jessy Mougeot, Scooby Flex, Mélanie Truff Fisher, Céline Moutin, Nathalie Francesci, Navathipan Rajakumar, Parthipan Rajakumar, Dany Perellon, Sye Lee

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